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DM6000 Suction-Drain System
DM6000-2 in Procedure Room
DM6000-2A - Unlimited Capacity
Our DM6000 allows direct disposal of
suctioned fluids without operator exposure.
The system pays for itself in savings on costs
of disposable supplies and waste disposal.
Each unit connects to a suction source, electrical
outlet and a drain. Units can be retrofit to existing
facilities,  but are most easily installed  during new
construction or remodeling.  Pictured at left is a
DM6000 in a reprocessing room, usually supplied with foot switch (right) for hands free operation.

The DM6000-2 is two suction-drain systems in a single housing!  A few inches wider than the DM6000, this unit has two suction  connections and connects to two suction sources. The DM6000-2 is popular in endoscopy centers where EGD, ERCP, Bronchoscopy and other procedures
requiring two suction fields are performed in addition to Colonoscopy, where the second connection provides for a back-up!

For Cystoscopy, Urology, Arthroscopy  and those  procedures requiring management of large fluid volumes, 
our DM6000-2A is designed to meet your needs! The unit aspirates unlimited fluid volumes. An optional fluid totalizer records aspirated volume. One vacuum and two drain connections are required.  A one-step alternative to rolling collection systems, a DM6000-2A does not require relocation for fluid disposal, and is a closed-system alternative to flushing floor drains!