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Decontamination Room        Procedure Room - 1 Location
Calculate your facility savings!        Calculate cost savings per station!
Input your canister, labor, disposal costs and cases/day to calculate your savings.         Input your canister, labor, disposal costs and      canisters/day to calculate savings.
Canister Cost Including Solidifier $        Canister Cost Including Solidifier $
Technician Labor Cost Per Hour $        Technician Labor Cost Per Hour $
Waste Disposal Cost Per Pound $        Waste Disposal Cost Per Pound $
Number of Cases Per Day        Number of Canisters Per Day
Canister Cost Per Month $        Canister Cost Per Month $
Waste Disposal Cost Per Month $        Waste Disposal Cost Per Month $
Labor Cost Per Month $        Labor Cost Per Month $
Monthly Savings (22 days) $       Monthly Savings (22 days) $
Annual Savings (261 days) $       Annual Savings (261 days) $
Assumptions:         Assumptions:  
Canister is Full after Six Cases         Activity at each Canister Location
Canister Only Replaced Once Per Day       Total Labor Per Canister is 0.05 Hr.
Total Labor Every Six Cases is 0.2 Hr.         - Installation and Connection
- Installation and Connection           - Inspection and Monitoring
- Inspection and Monitoring           - Disconnection, Removal
- Disconnection, Removal           - Transporting to Waste Receptacle
- Emptying and Rinsing