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Since 1990, we have provided cost-saving products to hospitals, surgery centers and physicians offices.  Environ-mate®, PT20®, Promethean® and Island® are our registered trademarks.  Our most popular products are shown below, and we also provide consulting services and technical support with medical gas and power systems for new center construction!

Choose from our growing selection of products, then phone in or fax your order. We will quote it or ship it, usually within one business day!   We accept purchase orders, (Net 30 days with approved credit), or all major credit cards (service fee added).

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Wall-mounted Environ-mate® Suction-Drain™ Systems provide silent disposal of suctioned fluids directly from suction field to sanitary sewer, protecting health care workers from exposure to fluids. 

Considering only elimination of disposable supplies, DM6000 systems have saved millions of dollars since introduction.  Additional cost savings was realized by eliminating actual disposal costs.

DM6000 Series

Suction-Drain™ Systems

The PT20 Trap (without blue connector) is a polyp trap for Endoscopy, and its removable, fine-mesh screen permits it to capture even the smallest (sessile) polypsThe PT20C with connector (shown) retrieves shavings in Arthroscopy.  Either version can be used to recover other tissue samples.    


Polyp Traps and Specimen Traps

In early 2010, we acquired Promethean® Medical and the Island® line. The Island® uses suction to capture fluids before they reach the floor, supporting Orthopedics, Cysto/Urology, Ob-Gyn, and General Surgery. 

The 4400 anti-fatigue mat (pictured) is our most popular of five models.  Non-absorbent, these devices permit accurate comparison of fluid recovered with fluid used to prevent patient fluid overload.

See the Island in action at: by clicking on the link below.


Non-absorbent suction devices